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【金硕珍水仙】I Know How To Make the D-Evil Cry-1


☞水仙请避雷: Seokjin x Jin。




Daemon: from the novel Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. A daemon is a person’s soul as a creature. Every human has a daemon, but no other animal does. Angels have two souls, one is their wings, and one is their daemon. A human’s daemon cannot go far from them, because their hearts are linked, and neither could a good angel’s. But like witches, an evil angel’s daemon could go as far away as they want to. An angel’s daemon can take any forms they want to take.



Jin’s spotless white wings flapped twice as he landed skillfully in front of ‘the prisoner’, his daemon, Aelsasha, as a white ermine clawing the collar of his robe, struggling to restrain their excitement.

“you came?” Seokjin asked casually without looking up, combing his hands through the beautiful rough midnight-black feathers on his powerful wings. But Helenlaia, his daemon, at present a shadow-like fox, was swishing his tail from side to side, one second leaping on to the floor, the next clawing to Seokjin’s shoulder and whispering in his ear, the next pacing on the window-silt, the light flaming up his rich dark-red coat.

He was betraying Seokjin’s impatience, and soon he could not hold it.

 “Have you decided what to do then?”

Seokjin could unravel all his threads of problems. But sometimes, as soon as he unravel them, he makes a tighter knot.


Jin was the one who had captured Seokjin. There was a war between the good angels and rebellious angels, and many were wounded. Looking down from a higher cloud onto the mess of black and white wings, daemons viciously biting and scratching, Jin remembered shivering with fright.

Then after the war, there was a solar eclipse. The forever lasting lights of the heavens disappeared. And in an instant the angels and their daemons too disappeared with the light, for they hated the dark.

In the silent and the gloom, a faint shape laid motionless. Jin knew that it must be a wounded enemy, and flew down with the wind like a white kite, with Aelsasha as a kestrel calling with anticipation. The attraction of rebellious angels were strong, for Jin had always been forbidden to go near any of them. Not even prisoners. This was a chance in a hundred. A solar eclipse and a wounded enemy.

Harmless enough.


The angel’s daemon snarled at Jin in the shape of a wolf, but its green eyes were covered in pain, and constantly she licked the angel with tender care. She was helpless, growling with useless hatred for the intruder. Jin ignored her.

Out of the blackness, appeared a shape even blacker. As though embroidered by glow worms, tiny strips and dots of almost-red light covered what seemed like feather-tips. It made the shadow look like a wild and vicious bird of prey.

But that was not the most magnificent thing about the enemy. As Jin’s eyes grew used to the blackness, he saw the outlines of his face. In those impressive eyes, the black almost glowed. They spoke of evil, but they, too, were powerful magnets, whirling vortexes of beauty, drawing him in, in, in… At their centers, two white-silver light danced away, and Jin followed them, untiringly.

Then something made Jin pull away from his thoughts and those eyes. Between the handsome features, hid a resemblance to something Jin knew well; but something he had forgotten about. Something important. Any other time he wouldn’t have bothered about it, but that day it annoyed him, deeply.

Jin and the stranger gazed silently again for some time. Then the stranger unexpectedly smiled. An attractive warm smile. In contrast to his dark wings and semi-evil eyes. Yet even in that smile hid the finest trace of rebellious and harmfulness. But somehow also adding to the mysteriousness and loveliness of it. Every moral and principle of the world seemed to dissolve into nothing as soon as they touch him.

Then suddenly there was something new growing inside Jin’s innocent heart. A feeling he was unable to describe.

It made the beating in his chest go wilder, and he was forced to take in bigger breaths. Soon the feeling spread around his body. His feet felt shaky and he realized without knowing he was standing on one foot, the other moving constantly, sometimes crossed behind, sometimes nudging the other’s toe. His hand tapped slightly behind his back.

And his daemon, changing into a silver-backed jackal, approached the wolf in an almost friendly manner. The wolf glowered and warned her to stay away, but her body language changed ever so slightly. She relaxed, though her eyes were still glowing with alert. And Aelsasha laid down playfully, swinging her soft flexible tail as if it was a fishing string.

Something they had never experienced before.

But it was the inside feelings that came even more peculiar. It was as if some imperceptible string or web were tying their selves to the strangers in front of them. Jin was at a lost. His eyes helplessly gazed into His; he was still smiling, and the silver dots in his stunning eyes took control of his mind, pulling the strings and webs, towards him, towards him…

Like the end of all innocence.

Jin knew that as soon as he touches those gorgeous black wings he himself would turn evil.

“Ash…” He called softly to his daemon, and the silver creature, now curled into a ball of playful fight with the wolf, hastily leaped off.

The angel closed his eyes in exhaustion, and the wolf, worried and watchful again, fell back beside the dark figure. Released from the tight grips of the silver fireflies, Jin collapsed backward onto his soft white wings. He was almost driven crazy with both fear and confusion, plus the queer feeling inside him. He had now realized how dangerous it was for him to be here alone, or was it?

His dear, dear Ash was bringing her thoughts into his minds. She was wrapped like a fur scar around his neck, but her thoughts were somewhere else. The wolf was weaker now, and her green eyes stared into Aelsasha’s. This time less proud, more concerned; as if asking for help.

The stranger laid there exposed and vulnerable. Jin felt bewildered. What powers did those evil have?

In front of the dark creature, Jin seemed to be a different person. Helpless, incautious, strange. And Aelsasha…

As if their morals and principles, too, had dissolved in the beautiful black wings, the silver light dots of the prisoner.  And the striking green eyes of his daemon.

Jin sighed. He rolled up, rather clumsily, and shook himself free of the thick dust. The stranger struggled with his beautiful black wings. They were stiff, and Jin saw in an instant blood running down their sides.

He seemed in pain, and that made Jin painful as well, as if they share the same heart. As if he was his.. daemon? Ash was trembling, whispering persistently into his ears, sharp and urgent.

“Help, help them…Jin!”

After a few hopeless attempts the angel gave up. Laying back defenseless, the silver and green lights pleading.

That was more than what Jin could resist. There was little time, for the moon was moving out from the golden plate. Jin grabbed the hands of the rebellious angel and pulled him up. His pale skin felt cold, like the ones of a vampire. Maybe all the evil’s skins are cold, Jin thought.

Once standing up, Jin could see more of the wound. The light gap was spreading, and Jin observed the wings, though extremely careful not to touch them. The cut was deep, if it had been a few centimeters inward, a part of the left wing might have been sliced off. Flesh was running down the sides like stream, and pity grew in Jin’s heart. Those are his sky-souls! The other wing was wounded, too. A golden arrow was stuck in the midst of messy blood-stained feathers.

The angel leaned lightly on him, his eyes closed, as if he was suffering. The position was trusting and mild, like a tamed wild beast. The feeling that bound him succeeded again to find him, and his heart tickled to kiss those soft pale lips. 

But the sun was nearly out. The sun that he had always loved, now brought to him troubles.

With a gentle swift movement Jin bounded the angel’s wings and hands with a piece of abandoned chain at his foot. The angel did not protest, though flinched a little when the metal touched his wings.

Metals have an effect on all angels. It limits all their power, making them unable to do anything other than flying. Their natural defenses are constrained, too, like the influences of a rebellious angel’s wings, or even the abilities of their daemons. However, it cannot be used for long, for metals could also burn angels when they’re exposed under the sun for an extended amount of time.

Jin lifted the angel up. The cool breeze blowing lifted his white feathers up, and the angel’s black wings now hanged harmlessly among the golden chains. His eyes were still closed, but his fingers tightened around Jin’s waist. Such a cute devil, Jin thought. And he lower his head and linger his lips on his for a brief moment. It was cold, like his hand, as if all the vessels in his body were running only with cold blood.

But Jin cannot concentrate or fly too high, for Ash was still helping the wolf. When she found out that she had no energy to change even to a sparrow, Ash turned into a huge eagle and in no time they catched up with their masters.

The sunlight was more intense now, and the moon had completely moved out of the shiny golden plate. Jin forced himself concentrated despite his distractions, and began flying upwards. That was harder than flying down, for he had to flapped his wings up and down more often now.

The angel in his arms was shaking slightly. At least his body was hot. Jin carefully stroke the angel’s face. And he shivered once more.

“Are you cold?”

The angel’s eyes opened weakly. The glowing black was duller, and the silver lights were motionless.

“Where are we going?”

The voice was feeble and a bit husky. The angel seemed tired and almost…afraid. He didn’t look like one who could be easily afraid.

“Nearly there...”

The angel smiled faintly and closed his eyes again as Jin landed on a cloud. This was one of the old places, when a cloud where angels lived flew too high above for their likings, and therefore abandoned. Some old places became constantly visited sites or play areas for the smaller angels, but this one was too high to be discovered. Even the patrol angels don’t come here.

Plainly the angel in his arms dislike it too. He turned restlessly, trying to flap his wings. Jin flew into an abandoned town, each building made of clouds, and placed the angel on the soft wet floor in the shades of a little town house.

Now in the full light, the wounds look even worse, bright red blood trickled into the white clouds, colouring them. The gold arrow reflecting the sunlight almost laughed, but even touching it make the angel cringe.

“It must be taken out soon.”

Looking at the painful expression in the angel’s eyes Jin’s heart ached, and slowly he bent down again to touch the soft cool lips. Aelsasha understood immediately and pressed the wolf down, holding her still. The angel flinched slightly. Jin stroked his face tenderly with one hand.

The other felt for the hard golden arrow that had wounded the beautiful angel. With a quick light movement he removed it, and threw it hard with hatred onto the cloud floor. In an instant bright red blood was rushing like waves in a sea out of the angel’s body, except that they never retreat back. His face was stained with tears. Crystal-like drops escaped through his closed eyes, but at least he looked more peaceful now.

Silence rang on top of the cloud-town. All was quiet except for the rough breathing of the black wolf.


“What’s…your name?

In that darkness of riot, Jin’s thoughts meddled and naturally the most instant and important came first. On his flight, he was too distracted by the beautiful helpless figure to think. It was only now that Jin realized he had not consider that matter before. The simplest greetings.

It was a while until the angel opened his black, night-like eyes.

“I'll tell you when you come back.”

Playful, but almost with an air of commanding. As if daring him to come back. And thinking about it make Jin smile. His little wounded wild cat was letting loose of his nature. All the same it worried Jin, this was not a tamed pet, but a well-trained beast from the dark materials. The sinful sides of heaven. The dusts, not the clouds.

Exactly like his daemon.

But what Aelsasha and not Jin sensed from the mixture of feelings was a little voice begging, begging Jin to let go. To carry on with his normal life, to leave him alone, for the best.

And if she was unsure, a low, weak growl from the wolf proved it.

But his master was peaceful, and that made him peaceful too. “I’ll tell him later.” Thought Ash as she tried out of the shape of the wolf, and found that she enjoyed it very much, except that she liked her coat white other than black. The wolf growled quietly which resembled a light laugh, and she felt like tussling with him very much. Then suddenly she remembered the image of a mess of black and white wings in the war, and shuddered, awaking Jin from the calmness.

Jin sat beside the strange angel for a few more peaceful moment, though not very peaceful now with a strange coldness Ash felt and his heart thumping like a hare being targetted. Then down below the clouds, the faint sound of an lightbell sounded, collecting the scattered angel during the eclipse, and putting on searching parties for the missing.


(Word count: 2231)



She was really suspicious of him. The man she saw earlier in the waiting room.

He wore a dark coat, almost like a cloak, shadowing his insides almost completely. Secrecy and mystery was what made her eyes linger.

He was wearing glasses, so loose that it hung on his slightly pointed nose, like an innocent person clinging to the unstable rocks at the very tip of a cliff, and one second of carelessness and relaxation, he would have fallen down, into the endless abyss.

She noticed him the second he came in. He had brown eyes as sharp and dangerous as an eagle’s eyes, looking at everything and everyone as if they were all his prey, and he was planning which to hunt for dinner. Although when he sat down, they relaxed a little. Probably everything was just of tiredness and frustration.

He was holding a handbag, or rather, small suitcase in the old school style, with hard, heavy-looking covers on both sides and a lock between the rusty handles. It was indeed heavy; when he laid it down on his lap he stretched his fingers and sighed of relief. She saw his hand red and white marks crossing over each other. It looked old and not in use for ages, but its owner just suddenly had the interest to take it out and display it to the passers-by.

He wore a hat as if he wasn’t a gentleman, but a magician. Maybe he was actually a magician, who knows. It hid his hair perfectly under it, so she thought for a second that he was bold. But he was not, she realised, when he took the hat off for a while because of the boiling weather. His hair was messy and wet, all stuck in bigger strands because of the sweat, like a cat had been sleeping on it all night in a summer night. Maybe it did happen and last night was a summer night. He just didn’t care to look into the mirror this morning because he woke up late, and grabbed a random hat closest to him and got going.

He also wore a watch. Expensive and complicated, exactly how he smelt like. He checked it more than three times, locked eyebrows showing how anxious he was. Why was he on the train anyways? He didn’t belong. She wondered. He was that type of person on Ferrari with chauffeur. Or was he?

That was even more suspicious. Just, everything of him made her suspicious.

Then, a bell rang, followed by the voice of the staff at the station, telling the people a train to London was coming into the station. He sighed and stayed seated. It wasn’t the train he was going on. But it was hers. So she stood up reluctantly, wanting to know more about this stranger but had no chance. When she pushed the door of the waiting room, his eyes and hers met unexpectedly. They stared at each other for a split second, and turned almost at the same time. She walked onto the train, still thinking about the man. Nevertheless, they will probably never see each other again in life.


(Word count: 536)

比如说今天的是Love U-请夏。

【SIN】无标题 Chapter.01



I think I forgot something important. I’ve tried so hard to remember, but it was no use.


Or did I even forget anything at all?


My name is Jin, a 22-year-old psychological doctor. My life had been completely normal and on track since I had my own thoughts. I went to the exact schools I wanted to go to, got the exact job I wanted to have, and grew up the exact way I wanted to. Or did ‘I’ want that? I don’t know.


I really dislike it when things go out of control, like the loss of my memory, like what’s happening right now.


The first thing I notice about him is his eyes. He has deep dark eyes, like black holes with tiny little silver light as bright as glow worms sucking me in; or strikingly beautiful shiny stars, hanging high up in the stormy midnight sky. They look a bit like upside-down triangles, which make him look cold and menacing. That’s even more emphasized with his face pale and expressionless. But on the other side, when I look down, his lips are of perfect cute shape, pink-coloured and soft-looking. It would be rather nice to kiss on, my thought wandered off. But my eyes could not leave him for even one split second.


He was dressed in black ripped jeans and a bright pink sweater. Well, to me he doesn’t look like a person who would wear such an attacking colour like pink, but he looks good. I would think he looks good in anything anyways. He also wears a black and white hair band on his head, tied up casually at the back with long strips of it dangling down at his back, of which I could see a hint of it from the front when the wind holds it up into the air. It goes well with his seemingly-newly-dyed white hair. It was incredibly pure and angelic until I see an abrupt dash of grey at its underside, as shocking as the scars of betrayal of a winged angel who used to be innocent. The piercing afternoon sunshine became gentle and soft when it strokes past him.


It glows.


My heart was pounding as hard and vicious as the downpour of rain happened a few days ago, along with a non-stop tornado come spinning and snipping out of nowhere, bringing my heart to the far away paradise. It’s such a weird experience, that I can’t control my whole body but as if it has been attracted by him and willingly become his possession.


Unexpectedly, I can’t exactly say I like it or not yet, but for sure it’s magical.


‘Excuse me, but have you seen this cat?’ He suddenly interrupted me from my daydream, while holding up a sheet of paper. For a second I wanted to be polite and look at the paper, but instantly I’m being dragged back to him because of his voice.


It’s so deep and world-weary, full of carelessness and boredom, but as casual as it is, it fires love arrow so powerfully and relentlessly from a huge cannon tearing the air apart and hitting my heart right in the middle. These days technology develops so quickly that even Cupid doesn’t use bows anymore.

It’s also husky, like a drunkard who has been drinking for hours and hours, getting drunk just because he wants to forget about the reality and dive into the abyss of perfect fantasy and heaven; or rather, hell; like an animal snarling to warn its prey not to run away, or else it will receive worse punishment.


I am his prey.


‘Ummm, but is there something on my face?’ He coughed deliberately before asking, to remind me that he is still in front of me holding that piece of paper. I look back in my memory of what I have been doing since we met which was staring blankly at him as if he’s a weirdo, and I feel a frisson of embarrassment shoot up my whole body instantly and I feel a lot hotter, especially when I concentrate and look at his face properly. He’s got a crooked smile on his face, with his eyes looking at me full of kindness and warmth. The hard-to-approach first impression he gave me instantly brakes apart. What’s wrong with the sun? It’s the hottest it has ever been this month.


‘Ah, yes, I mean, no...ah, I’m so sorry…’ The hot weather is making me sweat and taking away my ability to think and talk.


He doesn't say anything back, just gives the paper to me.


I quickly take it from him. It was a shame that I didn’t touch his hand. His fingers are beautiful and long, with nicely cut nails.


I force myself to focus on the paper. There is a big picture of a black cat which almost fills the sheet. The photo was taken in front of a huge French window, luxurious purple curtains tied up with golden ropes drop down at the sides, the glass so clean and stainless that they would look invisible without the reflection of sunlight. Outside is probably a garden, a stone fountain without water coming out stands in the middle, with seas of flowers blooming around it. There are so many of them, of different species and colours, lots of them look unfamiliar and rare.


But the main character of the photo was more attractive than all of the backgrounds add up together. It has beautiful bluish-grey eyes looking down at the floor, like dust covering ancient precious sapphires. It’s half lying down on the red velvet carpet, looking so arrogant but meek at the same time, like a two-sided mask that no one knows which side is real and which is fake. Its fur looks so soft and fluffy, all identical with each other. High up in the sky the sun unseen because it’s probably hiding behind the foggy marshmellow, but even they don’t look half as soft as its fur. Its tail extends and curves in, so the tip comes back and tucks under the tummy. They are of the same mysterious colour, but from half of the tail it starts to become lighter and lighter, from an almost-black-grey to a smoky one, then closer to white, until at the very tip that could be seen, it finally becomes completely white like transparent ice crystal. From the angle which the photo was taken, the pinkish inside of the curvy ears could be seen a little, but that totally doesn’t affect the inborn nobleness. It’s like a queen, maybe a king.


It looks familiar, I thought, although I was very sure that I have never seen it before. But if I say the truth to him, he would probably just leave and go ask find someone else, and I, surely don’t want that to happen at all. So I have to say something else to make him stay a bit longer, like…


‘Is this cat yours? What is her name? Wait, or is it a he? I absolutely love cats! But this is the cutest and prettiest cat I have ever seen!’ I searched through my brain and asked all the questions I could think of about the cat.


He doesn’t answer yet, just keeps that smile on his face and stares at me the way I did to him. It makes me think that whether he could see through me, see through how much I am attracted to him and how much I want to get to know him more.


‘Yes, it is mine. It’s a male cat called Shooky. I had it since it was born and it’s also the cutest and prettiest cat I have ever seen.’ He answers all of my questions after I bow my head of embarrassment and realizes the awkward atmosphere between us.


‘So…have you seen it? If not, I have to go. I really need to find him.’ He asks again politely and looks at his watch, the frustration and anxiety shown clearly in his eyes and facial expression.


‘…No…I’m so sorry, I haven’t seen it…but…’ I can’t bear to see him like that so I tell him the truth.


‘Ah…it’s fine, don’t worry. Thank you so much for your time.’ He sighed soundlessly, licks his lips of worry without intention and turns around.


He’s going further and further away. If I let him go this time, then I will probably never see him again in life. That will be such a pity. So when I go through difficult struggles in my mind, I made the biggest, the bravest, the most off track and extraordinary decision I have ever made in my life.


‘Can I please have your phone number?’



(word count: 1,462)



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